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mainupdate dependenciespennae8 days
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8 daysupdate dependenciesHEADmainpennae1-142/+209
8 daysdon't allow users to edit devices of other userspennae4-0/+77
9 daysproperly ignore fenix webchannel errors & add notepennae1-1/+7
11 daysfenix login is actually a lot simplerpennae3-94/+21
2022-07-26add some extra warning to readmepennae1-5/+13
2022-07-25improve the readme slightly, add licensepennae2-2/+38
2022-07-25add support for smtp authenticationpennae3-11/+38
2022-07-25add cargo-audit to the flakepennae1-0/+1
2022-07-25remove dependency on chronopennae11-62/+46
2022-07-23make the main settings ui a bit nicerpennae2-15/+45